How Quickly Can Green Roof Construction Take Place

Green roofs are roofs that have living plants on top of structures. It is a method of building that is considered environmentally friendly. These roofs can also lead to reducing the energy needs for its heating and cooling. Some of the designs can also look very elegant and modern.

Green roofs require the putting in place of systems that allow for the planting of vegetation on rooftops. It requires the creation of a roof membrane that is structurally sound and is also capable of acting as a waterproofing layer on the roof. The medium for the plant growth has to be laid on, and plants allowed time to establish themselves in this environment and grow. This process can lead to the construction taking a lot of time. Technology has however been developed that allows modular green roofs to be put together in a very short period. 

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How Do Modular Green Roofing Systems Work?

In the modular system for green roofs, the roof area is divided into many segments, and each segment has a tray that has all the necessary components for the plant growth installed in them. The plants in them will already have been grown and will have taken root in the growing medium that is in the trays.

The roof may still have to be covered with a membrane that can prevent the roots from the tray going into the roofing material. The modules can be fitted into each other to form a complete surface and create a living roof. It is necessary to ensure that the roof is equipped with a drainage system that will allow any excess watering from future maintenance to drain away and not damage the roof.

Quick and Easy Construction

Most modular green roofs can be cut into the desired shapes and sizes so that they fill up all the space on the roof as desired by the architect or owner. The trays can all be sealed against each other so that they create a continuous layer over the roof and protect it in every way possible.

Modular roofs allow a green roof to be built in a matter of days, instead of the weeks and months, it would take for creating a similar green area in the traditional way. As the plants in the trays have already taken root and are established, there is no need for any intensive care that the initial growth will demand. The roof is ready and fit to be seen from day one.