Green Roof Construction - All You Need To Know

Green or vegetative roofs are more and more widespread nowadays. Cities become overcrowded with buildings and people, everybody needs more living space, we all drive and park cars, work in office buildings and shop in huge supermarkets and department stores. All these take a lot of space, thus leaving a smaller area available for parks and gardens.

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Despite all these, residents of urban areas don't have to live in a world of concrete. They can put their creativity and their imagination to good use and create living spaces that integrate natural elements such as trees plants and flowers. For instance, green roofs are very popular in many big cities all over the world. People have realized they can bring nature to them by using these areas that were once taboo.

Quality Green Roof Construction

It's also not true that installing a little forest on your roof comes with the threat of having your building flooded.

Nonetheless, a high quality green roof construction would take this into consideration. Thanks to the latest state of the art materials, it is perfectly possible to insulate a roof and install plants on it. All you need is a good waterproofing product that meets the requirements of a special test.

This test is meant to determine whether the waterproofing material is also root resistant. As the roots of hose plants are going to grow quite a lot, the builder has to make sure they aren't going to invade the privacy of the inhabitants. Moreover, the roof edges, the joints and the upstands should also be root resistant. Builders shouldn't underestimate the power of millions of tiny roots expanding in size. They can destroy a building over a relatively short period of time.

Be Aware of Rules and Regulations

These being said, homeowners or commercial building managers who want to install a green roof have to be aware of all these specific rules and regulations, and follow them closely. This is why they may need a professional building company that has a rich experience in this type of roofing.

These companies use experts who know what type of materials should be used and what kind of plants are the best for a green roof construction that would last for many years with barely any maintenance. If you want to know more, you can contact a few builders or roof contractors in your area and ask them if they have any knowledge of this topic.